Comfort food is not comforting :(


I am sooooo disappointed in myself. I am not a fan of junk or ‘comfort’ food and yet today I found myself feeling mentally and psychically low, low on cash, low on energy, low on motivation 😦 so I rummaged through the freezer and found some Linda Mcartny pies and thought it would make me feel better and I had been good so why not? Hey let’s throw some chips in and my mushroom gravy while we’re at it!? I didn’t manage to finish it and I feel shocking. Never again. Real comfort food is butternut squash soup , not this junk. Serious kick up the bum from tomorrow with weekly weigh ins. I will be healthy!

Tomorrow is a new day. I’m of to sulk until then and remember that atleast lunch was a bit decent….


3 thoughts on “Comfort food is not comforting :(

  1. hovirag says:

    Sometimes I eat “comfort food” – the main thing is that I get back to my healthy lifestyle each time 🙂

  2. […] first let’s talk about food. Something definitely stirred in the back of my mind when I saw Rachel’s post aptly titled “Comfort Food is Not Comforting “. As a lover of all things starches and […]

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