I LOVE hummus and I always aim to make my own, I usually follow the basic recipe of tinned chick pea’s, garlic and lemon juice and have never purchased Tahini and it’s turned out amazing and really chunky.  Hummus

Yesterday I spotted Tahini whilst purchasing pitta breads for supper so I figured I could give it a try and hopefully improve the recipe.20130901-102452.jpg

I really don’t think the tahini adds to the flavor or texture and I would go as far as to say it made the hummus less nice? This is disappointing and I want to know if anyone else agree’s or did I just choose a mediocre Tahini? 20130901-102358.jpg


One thought on “Hummus

  1. gabrielle157 says:

    YES, IT NEEDS TAHINI! I love me some hummus with some delish tahini. Hummus is difficult to master, I find. Every time I make it, is comes out slightly different. I think it takes time to get it down to a science.

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