Sharing saturday and Food Friday

I forgot to publish my food Friday post again! So I am including it in my sharing Saturday (A general blog about discoveries I have made and things I have learnt this past week)
Let’s start with my favourite… food. Here are some of the meals and deserts I have had this past month!

Home made lentil soup with crusty bread, pitta and home made hummus with olives. That cake was peanut butter! OMG. I can’t tell you how much coffee and cake can turn a day around ❤ I am currently eating vegan black forest gateau bakewell as I write this. I also really love fruit with yoghurt or coconut milk 🙂 You’ll also see my hummus trio (roasted red pepper, roasted parsnip and plain) Japanese tofu filet wrap with spinach and sweet potato fries with tofu sausages from unicorn and chestnut mushrooms ( I love sweet potato I either make it into mash, fries or a jacket potato).

So other than teaching myself Spanish with the intention of doing a course soon and planning to re-join jujitsu – Most of my discoveries this week are food related, the first one being that I seriously love oat milk to the point where I not only prefer it in coffee but will drink 200ml glasses of the stuff. I was searching for a soya replacement as I was informed it messes with your hormone levels and causes all sorts of environmental issues (Such as deforestation) so I am very happy (I do hope it’s a little healthy also).

I would like to share my list of vegan shops and places to eat for other vegans that live in Manchester:

Unicorn grocery (Where I purchased the Dijon salad below), Eighth day, V revolution

Eighth day, V revolution, Earth. (Where I ordered the AMAZING vegan tiramisu below)

There are also some vegan friendly places such as Oklahoma, kukoo’s (Where I always get a falafel wrap or street food salad below) and there’s always options in the Arndale food market (Where I often order my favourite mexican dish, tostada’s, pictured with a passion fruit smoothie)


I have also discovered the benefits of smoothies (They are ideal for a training protein and slow releasing energy boost without making you feel bloated or full) and have been working my way through the healthy happy life list, I will leave you with my green tea smoothie that tasted and made me feel amazing.20130928-165511.jpg20130928-173113.jpg20130928-165531.jpg


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