Don’t you forget about me – Rachel’s Legacy.

I would like to start this daily prompt post with an American horror story quote that I found fascinating: “They say when a parent dies, a child feels his own mortality, but when A child dies, it’s immortality that a parent loses” It seems to be common for people who have regrets to attempt to live a different life through an offspring, probably picturing themselves on their deathbed looking into the face of what they wanted to be at that age and passing with a smile on their face feeling they succeeded at last. How much is really passed on though? A surname and maybe a passing resemblance? How would you know you hadn’t passed on the same regrets by controlling their life?

I don’t want children and I can’t have them. Wherever my soul drifts off too when I leave my flesh earth home I will have things that mattered to me inked on my skin – The Vegan sunflower, maybe pawprints of my cats, some Amanda Palmer lyrics and my favorite films dotted around a film projection reel and no, I won’t regret them even when they are wrinkly. I would be also love to leave stories in items: A couple of silly books i’d written for my Niece, a beautiful child who I have no influence over yet shares my fascination of animals and the world, some recipes i’d created that highlight my passion for animal free nutrition, A pair of battered skates to show my addiction to a sport that bettered me as a person and a journal of places i’d visited in the world hopefully complete with decent pictures that showed I attempted photography, Some bout programs, shirts from gigs,  maybe even my last status “Well that was fun KTHXBAI” to show my sense of humor and how I usually talked through social networking because of my crippling social awkwardness. I imagine people looking through the box with tear stained cheeks puffed out from a smile as they remember what my items meant to me and I live on through the stories that may not even be 100% accurate, but I live on in memories of people I love.

This was written as I am 26 years of age, still young but starting to get a feel of the person I am and the things I want to do. I know I don’t want to influence people, As we should all discover our love of things for ourselves but inspiration can be a beautiful thing. Someone asks you about something you’re passionate about, you tell them the truth of why it’s important to you and they try it for themselves and share the love, well it can be beautiful to pass something like that on 🙂 Kindred spirits all the places.





3 thoughts on “Don’t you forget about me – Rachel’s Legacy.

  1. Lyndz says:

    Beautiful writing hun, with such sentiment behind it xxx

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