A vegan in London

First night

On my first evening in London I didn’t plan to do much other that look around the area near the hotel. Walking around Chelsea/Kensington I was delighted to discover a vegetarian vegan restaurant a few minutes walk away! I wasn’t particularly hungry but knew I had to check the menu out and at least get a starter.

222 outside222 Veggie vegan222 Veggie vegan 2

This was 222 veggie vegan cafe and I adored the menu as there wasn’t a fake meat dish in site! I was very impressed by the extra allergen/preference symbols of gluten free/raw/organic etc. My starter and desert as pictured above was roasted lentil stuffed tomatoes and pitta with dips (Including pimento) I couldn’t face a main but couldn’t resist the apricot and almond cake which was incredible. I need to find out what the decoration fruit was as the wings were so intricate and beautiful. (Help?)

Day 2: Camden 

I fell in love with Camden within seconds of stepping out of the train station with the alternative vibe apparent I couldn’t wait to explore. With InSpiral lounge in sights and Immediately purchasing several tee’s displaying the likes of Kurt Cobain, Harry Potter logo’s and the joker I knew this was going to be my favorite day. Originally planning on returning to Leicester square that evening I knew I would want to spend more time here so I decided to free the afternoon for the markets and spend the evening in InSpiral. After exploring the indoor markets full of art, clothes, jewelry, sugar skull candles, tea and much more I headed to the lock to walk over the bridge. On my way I discovered Rupert’s street van parked on the cobbles and purchased a sweet potato burger for lunch.

Ruperts streetVan menuSweet potato burger van

The chef pointed me back indoors for a place to sit out of the rain. When I went in the chairs happened to be located in front of Cookies and Scream: A punkish bakery and coffee stand, Oh my! I knew I would be having desert even if I was full. Peanut butter cookie and almond milk macchiato soon followed with zero regrets.

Cookies and scream 2Cookies and ScreamCookies and scream desert

InSpiral lounge.

This restaurant was incredible! Lovely menu, Wonderful atmosphere, scenic location and of course CAKES. There were just too many mains to choose from so I opted for a platter like plate with curry, potato and salad. Despite having triple the recommended daily allowance of sugar after lunch  I just had to try the hazelnut cake partnered with another almond milk macchiato and yes, it was divine.


Day 3

Today I did the touristy thing of going on the London eye and wondering round Leicester square/London soho.

I went to Mildred’s for lunch which was, as expected, a wonderful little restaurant. You can probably see a pattern forming of me overindulging and treating myself to wonderful meals and desert. Today was no different selecting a chickpea curry and pecan pie slice which I still can’t believe the deliciousness of!


In conclusion I am very impressed at the amount of veggie friendly places in London and was not once disappointed at the quality of food and drink. If I returned I wouldn’t leave Camden to be honest and would spend a few days there drinking different flavored tea’s, here is a picture of me enjoying black chai and being impressed at the dispenser.