Work out wednesday #1 – 25.09.2013

Hello Followers,

My apologies for recently abandoning my blog, I have been very busy recently, Anyway as promised here is my weekly work out blog stating what i’ve done, learnt and achieved 🙂

This week I got an exercise ball and yoga matt I love them….  a lot.
ImageI requested people send me core work outs and stretch circuits (They feel SO GOOD) I have been doing sit ups, Roll out planks and jack knives

I have been doing various yoga for relaxation but also to improve my balance, stability and flexibility. (I find some useful ones on various websites: Toe stand and I have subscribed to some youtube channels)

This week I also downloaded an app called runkeeper which records various workouts and will document your distance, pace and time of your runs via GPS. I discovered that I can manage 3km in 15 minutes (My best kilometer was 4 minutes) which, considering my goal is 5km in 30 minutes made me happy !

In addition to my newly found workouts I have been trying to tone up my arms (Which I really hate) with bicep curls (Using just 8k dumbells) and press-ups; if you know of any other ways to de-flab the upper arms please do send suggestions!

So as I already mentioned in previous posts I also play roller derby and Wednesday is my team practice where we learn various skills on skates from 20:00-22:00. Roller derby focuses on various muscles including gastrocnemius (Backwards skating), thigh (Squatting/getting low), and core muscles (Laterals leading with back leg/blocking with the chest) and is also a good cardiovascular exercise with it being a fast paced sport 🙂
Me skating

Next workout post on wednesday 2nd october, but if you’re also interested in healthy food or veganism my food friday post will be published on the 27th september.

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