Manchester vegan guide



Teatime collective

This cafe is just on the outskirts of town off oxford rd (Through Hulme park) and is incredible! They also will be taking evening reservations/group bookings from 10/09/14.

Eighth day

The basement of this shop is a café, I prefer the menu here as it is not fake meat heavy. You can also get sandwiches, salads and coffee’s etc to take away.


Located in the heart of manchester’s Northern Quarter below the buddhist centre, this is a lovely tranquil place to enjoy lunch. I always opt for the platter as the mains are frequently changed so you always get a varied meal. The cafe also offers an extensive range of smoothies, coffee’s and deserts.

V Revolution

Also located in Manchester’s Northern quarter, V revolution is for the junk food and punk music lovers! If you are craving grilled cheese, a burger bigger than your face or a milkshake then this is the place! At the shop you can purchase snacks, chilled fake meats and cheeses to cook at home!

Bistro 1847

A very experimental restaurant with a vast menu, Ideal for a swanky meal before continuing onto the theatres/art galleries around the area.


This is my personal favourite place, I guess because it combines comedy (Including my good friend’s comedysportz troop) and music with amazing food….It also helps they have a bar. Mines a double bourbon please 🙂 

Go falafel 

Seriously the tastiest falafel ever! Just off piccadilly gardens or the curry mile. Compliment the food with one of their many freshly made fruit juices. 

Vegan Friendly


An adorable quirky shop full of gadgets and novelty gifts, their latte’s are amazing! 

Nexus Art Café

This cafe have the comfiest chairs EVER. The Garden is also beautiful, with converted piano’s and other various flower decorations. However this is undergoing a new project from the 5th september and will be an alcohol free night out. Let’s hope the umbrella cafe also has soya milk, eh? Midnight cappuccinos guys….?!


Across the road from unicorn, this cafe offers vegan lunch options, vegan cakes and tea’s coffee’s with soya milk…. just incase buying all that amazing food from unicorn was too tiring 😛 


VEGAN.PIZZA. I don’t think I need anymore words. 


Admittedly I didn’t realise this restaurant had vegan options until I stumbled across this Blog post


Whether you’re visiting the centre of manchester or the lovely trafford centre, you can always indulge in a meal here… even if you have your meat eating friends with you! An impressive range of middle eastern dishes. 


eighth day 

Everything from animal free cosmetics and toiletries to take away sandwiches and cakes. 


Eco friendly, fair trade and vegan this supermarket is the closest you’ll get to being completely cruelty free. 

Blogs and Social networking groups 

Manchester vegan society 


Organising my blog :)

This is a very short post to explain that I have come up with a plan to organise my blog from the general post. I will have:
Workout Wednesday
This is my team practice day so it’s fitting that I post up exorcises that I have done and learnt over the previous week.

Food Friday
Ah Friday! The start of the weekend and the end of most people’s working week. The pressure is off and i will usually be found in the kitchen so this is the day I will be posting all the food I have made the previous week, sometimes including recipes and reviews.

First post will be the exercise one tomorrow 4/9/2013 but it may be sparse as I’ve been lacking a little in going to the gym!

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to offer tips on both xx

Hosting dinner

Today I hosted a meeting and I thought it would be a great opportunity to do some cooking for others. I started off by making an amazing spicy indian lentil soup…. LOOK AT IT:
ImageImage Look at all the juicy lentils ❤
I then served up my homemade hummus (Seriously tasty) with roasted veg (aubergine, red pepper, carrot and sweet potato) and a plate of pitta bread. 
ImageFor dinner I made a root veg chilli, Slightly bland in spice but luckily the recipe contained roasted parsnip and you can’t go wrong with that really can you? 

We then all travelled to roller derby practice, Which was great!! And I came home to discover there was a zen zen mango ice cream in the fridge i’d forgotten about ❤
ImageTomorrow I will be going to lunch at one of my favorite places, Fuel. I will obviously post what I order, I am excited! 😀


Comfort food is not comforting :(


I am sooooo disappointed in myself. I am not a fan of junk or ‘comfort’ food and yet today I found myself feeling mentally and psychically low, low on cash, low on energy, low on motivation 😦 so I rummaged through the freezer and found some Linda Mcartny pies and thought it would make me feel better and I had been good so why not? I’ll tell you why not!